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Get Slim and Cool This summer with CoolSculpting

Do you lose pounds, but still carry too many inches around your waist and thighs? CoolSculpting can help. It is the cutting edge method for removing stubborn pockets of fat. In effect, it freezes the fat away.

Here is a look at how CoolSculpting works and what it can do for you, your body and your confidence.

What Is CoolSculpting? 

Many women exercise daily, watch what they eat and still have stubborn fat that clings to parts of their body. If that describes you, CoolSculpting could be your answer. It is more affordable and less invasive than earlier fat removal methods, and delivers permanent results.

During a CoolSculpting procedure, air that is cooled to about 14 degrees is used to freeze fat cells. The frozen cells  gradually die off over a six-week period and get reabsorbed into your body and dispelled via the lymphatic system. Over a period of a month or so, you will notice how much better your clothes fit.

Each session takes an hour. One area of the body can be treated at each appointment. Some people need just one treatment, while others need a series of them to get the effects they are after.

What Does It Feel Like? 

With CoolSculpting, pain is not an issue. Patients say it feels like pinching. After the cooling effect starts, your skin doesn’t feel anything at all.

CoolSculpting can’t damage your skin because a patch is placed on the area before the applicator is used, acting as a protective barrier.

Not a Weight Loss Procedure 

CoolScuplting is not a weight loss method. In fact, it works best on people who eat right and exercise regularly.  The procedure can remove stubborn pockets of fat that simply don’t respond to diet and exercise.

Possible Side Effects 

Like any surgical procedure, non-invasive or invasive, CoolSculpting can result in certain side effects. The most common are minor swelling, soreness and bruising around the area treated. Some people experience numbness, which is temporary.

The Many Benefits of CoolSculpting

Recovery time is minimal with this procedure. It is non-invasive so it requires very little downtime. That’s a big plus for people with a busy lifestyle.

It is more affordable than invasive surgical techniques because it takes less treatment time. The patient doesn’t have to worry about hospital expenses and being off work for an extended period.

When crunches and sit-ups aren’t working, CoolSculpting can remove pockets of fat that just won’t go away. Your clothes will fit better and your confidence will soar.

Work with an Expert 

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure and, as such, it needs a skilled cosmetic surgeon to achieve the look you are after. In the San Diego area, that is Roy David, MD, certified by Zeltiq, the owner of the CoolSculpting technology. He has been serving the community for over a decade, earning a reputation for excellent work and genuine concern for each patient.

Dr. David is a natural for cosmetic surgery, with the eyes and hands of a sculptor. He also brings attention for detail and precision to every procedure. His goal is a natural result that enhances a person’s beauty and self-confidence.

Dr. David is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has over 1,000 facelifts to his credit, as well as hundreds of rhinoplasty and eyelid procedures. All of this successful work means he is a specialist in a range of facelift and rhinoplasty procedures.

Call Dr. David and his staff today to discuss what CoolSculpting can do for you. They welcome your questions. Help for that stubborn fat is just a phone call away.